Douglas Barret born May 11th 2004 in Boston MA also known as BigDogie700,SupremeFatboy69, and King Of all Jews. In Febuary of 2018 Douglas was possessed by the spirit of the Shamrock Shake which fused with the spirit of the Chulupa God Karpaul which lied dormint side of him which causes blackouts and induces a stake like a Berserker known only as Luchador Mode.Douglas is also given the power of control over his down syndrome and autism so he can make it look as if he is mental handicaped to fits of rage to a normal man in seconds. He is also known as the 2nd Coming of Christ. He also posses a philosopher stone which allows him to change his age. He still lives in his birth home in Salem Ma. He banished people he does not like to the roast beef pussy aka hell